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Located on the right bank of the Komo estuary, in the northwest of Gabon, Libreville is an amazing city that combines tradition and modernity. The town stretches along the sea, and offers miles of white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. Facing the ocean, wide avenues with modern buildings are stretching out. The port and airport contribute to the economic dynamism of the town. In the centre, many museums and monuments will teach you more about the city’s history and its arts and crafts. Libreville is a lively and dynamic capital which is growing very fast, but it is also a city surrounded by nature. A few kilometres to the north, you will find Akanda National Park, a great site to watch migratory birds. On the other side of the estuary, Pointe Denis and Pongara National Park promise you paradisiac beaches and the contemplation of a unique biodiversity. Set your luggage down in the Gabonese capital, and discover all its treasures!

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