For a smooth journey, it is recommended to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time to complete check-in formalities, police checks, security checks, and get to the boarding lounge in complete peace of mind.

1. Arrive at the airport
Whether you park your vehicle in the car park or someone gives you a lift up to the drop-off lane, it is simple and fast to access the airport. For more information, see Parking

2. Access the terminal
Libreville airport has two terminals.

  • Terminal 1 for international flights (main hall), and national flights (at the end of the terminal): Located in front of parking P1, the Terminal 1 offers many places for eating, shopping or relaxing while waiting for your flight.
  • Terminal 2 for Afrijet’s domestic flights: Located near parking P2, Terminal 2 works only with Afrijet flights, for a smooth check-in and boarding.

3. Check-in
Terminal 1 has two boarding rooms, one for national flights and the other for international flights. Take your travel documents with you (booking, passport…), and be sure that your luggage complies with the rules imposed by the airline. For more information, see Baggage Security

Some airlines offer the possibility to check in online, and print the boarding pass yourself. Visit your airline’s website for more information.

Enjoy the private lounges for business passengers and people with reduced mobility.
For more information, see Lounges

Note: the following information concerns only passengers travelling abroad.

4. Proceed to the boarding area
After checking your luggage, you can go to the boarding area:

  • For international flights: take the stairs or escalator up to the first floor of the terminal.
  • For national flights: go to the end of the terminal, on the ground floor.

When you choose the VIP Ekena lounge, you can enjoy the FAST-TRACK service, which allows you to quickly go through Immigration and security check. For more information, see Ekena Lounge

5. Go through Air and Border Police check
Responsible for the implementation of immigration policy, the police’s main task is to check your travel documents at the borders (passport, visa, etc.).

6. Carry out the security formalities
Your luggage will be verified to ensure that you are not carrying dangerous or prohibited items. The airport platform is secured by the National Office for Security and Facilitation of Airports (ONSFAG).

7. Pass Customs control
Some goods such as art objects are subject to regulations. It is important to find out about these restrictions in advance. For more information, see Customs

8. Visit the Duty Free store
Before boarding, it’s time to make your last purchases and enjoy the duty-free prices. For more information, see Aelia Duty Free

9. Access the boarding lounge
You’re almost there! All you have to do is wait a little more before boarding. Smoking area, charging station… many services are available in the boarding area. For more information, see Practical Services


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