Upon your arrival, you must allow roughly 45 minutes for police and customs formalities and to collect your luggage. These information concerns only passengers on international flights (excluding Afrijet).

1. Disembark
Two boarding bridges are available for international flights, to make it easier for you to get out of the plane.

2. Comply with the health check
When travelling to Gabon, the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. You must therefore be in possession of an up-to-date vaccination certificate. The yellow fever vaccine must be given at least 10 days before departure. When you travel to tropical areas, find out as soon as possible about the health risks at your destination.

3. Go through the Air and Border Police control
In addition to the updated passport, a visa is required for any entry into Gabonese territory.
To get it, three options are possible:

  1. Request an electronic visa or e-visa: The visa application form must be completed online ( The processing time is 72 hours.
  2. Get Gabonese visa in your country of origin, through the Embassy or Consulate of Gabon.
  3. Obtain your visa upon arrival with an authorization of entry.
    Need more information? Please consult the DGDI website (General Direction of Documentation and Immigration):

Depending on your situation (traveller with Gabonese passport, person with a residence permit or passenger without visa), make sure you choose the appropriate queue!

4. Collect your baggage
Two carousels are available to return your luggage. The carousels are not connected to each other, but both can deliver your bags and suitcases. So be careful and have a look at both of them!

In case of damaged or lost luggage, please contact your airline.
You can also contact Handling Partner Gabon, which is responsible for the delivery of your baggage when you leave the aircraft (tel. +241 011 73 43 93).

5. Go through Customs control
Customs officials may ask travellers entering Gabonese territory to justify certain items they brought with them. There are restrictions on products and quantities. For more information, see Customs page.

6. Exit the terminal.
You can go to the information desk. The staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your queries and make your trip easier.

To organize your arrival, and find answers to your questions about currency exchange or transportation, visit the Access and Services pages.

Are you in transit in Libreville?
Passengers who land in Libreville to catch another flight must collect their luggage and pass the check-in again for their next flight. If your flight from Libreville is operated by Afrijet, go to Terminal 2 located near the car park P2, at 5 minutes walk from the main hall.


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