Customs & Registration

Travel with peace of mind! It is important to prepare your trip properly, by taking note of customs restrictions on the products transported.

You are going abroad or you are coming back? You are governed by the Regulation of Gabonese customs.
Checks are carrying out by Gabonese customs to then :

  • ensuring your safety
  • protecting your health and economy
  • ensuring the regularity of transactions
  • preserving the national heritage

Customs officers may ask travellers entering Gabonese territory to justify the presence of certain objects brought with them (jewellery, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc.).

If purchases for “personal use” have been made, they must not be of any commercial nature, and must not exceed a certain quantity, otherwise you could have to complete a customs declaration and pay duties and taxes (Article 172 of the Customs Code).

Consult the customs website for more information on the products transported on departure and arrival:

The downloadable sheets summarize the regulation in the movement of goods and currencies:


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