Passenger Guide


Airport Map

Don’t get lost with this detailed map
Below the map, find a list of restaurants, shops, rental agencies, airlines and services. Click on the place you want to go; a coloured dot will automatically show you where it is located in the airport.



For a smooth journey, it is recommended to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time to complete check-in formalities, police checks, security checks, and get to the boarding lounge in complete peace of mind.


Upon your arrival, you must allow roughly 45 minutes for police and customs formalities and to collect your luggage. These information concerns only passengers on international flights (excluding Afrijet).


Customs & Registration

Travel with peace of mind! It is important to prepare your trip properly, by taking note of customs restrictions on the products transported.

Baggage Security

Before going to the airport, make sure that the weight and dimensions of your baggage do not exceed the limits authorized by the airline. If your luggage does not meet the required criteria, you may pay extra payment or fees. For more information, contact your airline directly.


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