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Ekena Lounge

Leave the noise and crowds behind you!

Whether you are waiting for your flight or have just landed at Libreville airport, the VIP Ekena Lounge will transform tiring waiting time into a moment of relaxation and well-being.

In a modern and luxurious setting, the lounge offers comfortable furniture, food and drinks as well as many services.

Sit in a soft armchair with a velvety fabric and enjoy this relaxing time while watching TV, reading a magazine or using the Wi-Fi.

When you choose the VIP lounge, you travel with complete peace of mind: make full use of the FAST-TRACK service, which allows you to quickly go through Immigration and security checks!

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  • 1 entrance
  • Yearly

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*You can buy your entrance online and enter the lounge by showing your email receipt. *You can buy your subscription online and collect your card at the commercial department in 2 working days.
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*If you are unable to download the ID Photo, please send it physically to the commercial department of Libreville Airport as soon as your payment is accepted.

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Access Conditions To Ekena Lounge


To access the lounge, you need a boarding pass and a special VIP entrance.

Depending on the frequency of your trips, you have two options:

  • 1/ You travel several times a month
    The Silver access card is made for you! This annual subscription gives you unlimited visits to the VIP lounge for that year. The Silver card costs  1.100.000 Francs CFA TTC.
    You can also avail benefit of our facilities for one or two guests travelling regularly with you. Our rates designed for this purpose:

    • With 01 accompanying person : 1.300.000 FCFA TTC
    • With 02 accompanying persons : 1.450.000 FCFA TTCSpecial corporate and bulk purchase discounts are available. The card can be purchased online or at the sales office.
  • 2/ You travel occasionally
    Choose the single entry ticket! It allows you to access the VIP lounge on a specific date, and can be renewed for each of your trips. The ticket costs 55.000 Cfa Francs inclusive of tax. Special corporate and bulk purchase discounts are available. The card can be purchased online, at the lounge or at the checkout located at the exit of the car park.

Enjoy the VIP lounge every day! It is open from the first check-in in the morning until the last flight departure in the evening.

Persons travelling with children
Children must be accompanied by adults holding valid entry authorisation. Admission is free for children under 10 years old, half price for children between 11 and 18 years old.

For more information, contact the airport staff
Commercial department:
+241 011 73 62 44 / +241 066 11 65 98
Airport Welcome Service:
+241 066 06 55 19

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The Ekena VIP Lounge is located on the first floor of the Air Terminal, next to the presidential pavilion.


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