Johannesburg (South Africa)

An immersion into the apartheid history

Johannesburg is visited mainly for its history. The financial capital of South Africa was at the heart of the fight for the emancipation of the South African people. At the Apartheid Museum, you will go deep in the era of racial separation that ran from 1948 to 1991. As a symbol, the museum gives a different entrance ticket according on your skin colour while two doors allow the entry: one for blacks and one for whites.

A destabilizing immersion to understand the circumstances of apartheid. The museum is located in the Soweto district, 15 kilometres from the city centre. This district where Nelson Mandela lived is emblematic of the struggle against apartheid. In his former house which became a museum, you will discover the incredible destiny of this man who fought all his life against racial segregation.

The Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum, which commemorates the revolt of Soweto students, is also one of the places to visit. Johannesburg is a must for understanding South Africa past and present. There is something special about this inordinate metropolis. It is the richest city in Africa. A town that is developing very quickly with new high-rise buildings. Sandton, a chic suburb in the north of the city, hosts the stock exchange office and the headquarters of the biggest companies.

With its luxury shops and villas, Sandton represents the American dream of the new South Africa. But Johannesburg is also a city where social disparities are extreme, and crime rates are at their highest. Go to this complex and exciting metropolis. Located in the north of the country, at 1,400 kilometres from the capital, Joburg is a vibrant and dynamic city, which impresses with its fast development and its incredible cultural richness. This unforgettable destination will leave you many memories.

  • COUNTRY: South Africa
  • CURRENCY: Rand
  • LANGUAGE: English, Afrikaans et 9 other Bantoues languages
  • FLIGHT TIME: 5h25

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