ADL-Airport-Emergency-Plan seminar

ADL welcomes airport executives from the sub-region to the Airport Emergency Plan seminar organized by the UGAACO

On Monday May 09, the Airport Emergency Plan training course was launched at a press conference chaired by:

  • Brice Constant Paillat, Minister of Transport
  • Mr. Daniel Lefèvre, President of the UGAACO,
  • Mr. Igor Simard, General Manager of ADL
  • Ms Nadine Nathalie Awanang EP. Anato, Director General, Agence Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ANAC)
  • Representatives of ASECNA – (Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne) and many other distinguished guests.

Organized by the UGAACO (which now has 18 member airports, with Rwanda joining recently) and held face-to-face in Libreville, the course was attended by some twenty airport executives from various regions of Central and West Africa.

In addition to sharing experience between the various airports in the sub-region, this training course will also enable teams from Libreville Airport to update their knowledge on the subject and thus be better equipped for even more optimal management of the current airport and the new airport whose project is currently underway.

The objectives of this training course are:

  • To provide participants with a better understanding of how to draw up an airport emergency plan, in accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 14.
  • Understand the different plans that can be implemented in the event of an airport emergency.
  • Anticipate any emergency situation by carrying out preliminary emergency planning at airports.
  • Ensure proper coordination between the various parties involved at an airport, including neighboring towns and cities that are likely to face emergency situations.
ADL-Airport-Emergency-Plan seminar

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