São Tomé (São Tomé-and-Príncipe)

Welcome to the Chocolate Island

São Tomé is a small paradise. This land off the coast of Gabon is part of an archipelago formed by two islands, São Tomé-and-Príncipe, which extends over approximately 1,000 km2. Explore these preserved volcanic lands! You will be captivated by the lush vegetation and superb fine sandy beaches. Discovered by the Portuguese who started to produce cocoa, the island is still famous for its chocolate.

With its fertile volcanic soil, it is the perfect place to plant cocoa trees which, in the shade of the canopy, will give to the beans a unique flavour. Visit the plantation of a local producer! Known as high-quality, São Tomé cocoa is used to make the best chocolates in the world. Almost half of the island is covered by an incredible jungle, whose biodiversity is preserved in the Ôbo nature reserve.

In Creole, “Ôbo” means “wild and impenetrable”, a perfect name for this park, which contains forests with varied ecosystems, savannah plains and mangroves. To the south of the park raises the Pico Cão Grande, a huge volcanic rock straight out of a dream. Go for a hike around this peak, you will live magical moments, when the rock is hidding behind the mist. In the north of the island, go and recharge your batteries at Lagoa Azul, a small beach lined with baobabs where you will enjoy swimming in a delicious turquoise water.

In São Tomé, beaches compete in beauty and have their own personality. Come and relax at Praia Inhamé, Praia Jalé or Praia Piscina! Bordered by palm trees or baobabs, these beaches have kept a wild charm. Whether you are looking for a quiet and friendly place to spend your holiday or are interested in coffee and cocoa plantations, São Tomé is the perfect destination.

  • COUNTRY: São Tomé-and-Príncipe
  • CURRENCY: Dobra
  • LANGUAGE: Portuguese
  • FLIGHT TIME: 1h15

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