Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo)

Between sandy beaches and wild nature

Pointe-Noire, the economic centre of the Republic of Congo, has grown up around its oil activity, which attracts many expatriates to work in this industry. The city was built on a former fishing village. Discover how fishing is still a key activity in the city today. Go to the coast in the early morning, you will attend the return of the boats: they bring back fishes and small sharks in a joyful atmosphere.

In the simplicity and warmth of the fishing villages, people grill the fish and eat together. Pointe-Noire is known for its sandy beaches that invite you to swim and relax. Go for a walk along the wild coast! After having immersed yourself in the sea air, there’s nothing better than enjoying a grilled lobster or a plantain banana. As well as its amazing coast, Pointe-Noire has an interesting city centre with many sites to visit. Start at the CFCO station! This large building made in Art Deco style is one of the colonial remains.

Continue through Notre-Dame Cathedral before reaching the large market. Starting at the Lumbumba roundabout, in the heart of the town, this varied mix of stands of all kinds is a must-see. Visiting Pointe-Noire also means going to the incredible region of Kouilou. Close to the city, many natural sites await you to reveal their beauty.

Discover the Diosso Gorge! The erosion of the rock gave life to this breathtaking circus made of ochre and pink granitic rocks. Seen from above, the view is incredible. A hike is also possible below, with the possibility of seeing baboons and other wild animals. Located about 500 kilometres from Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire region is a delight for nature lovers, with its mix of coastal plains and mountains.

  • COUNTRY: Republic of Congo
  • LANGUAGE: French
  • FLIGHT TIME: 1h20

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