Paris (France)

Paris, je t’aime

The city of lights, of love, the city of a hundred villages… there are a thousand ways to call Paris. It is true that the French capital is a constant source of inspiration. Each of its districts has its own soul, an authentic perfume escapes from its alleys and old cafés. The greatest symbol of Paris is its Eiffel Tower, this 324-metre-high iron sculpture offers an exceptional panorama.

On the other side of the Seine River, the most famous avenue in the world: The Champs Elysées. Go up to the Star Square and pass under the majestic Arc de Triomphe! Nearby, the elegance of Place de La Concorde will amaze you, with its 3,000-year-old Luxor obelisk, two monumental fountains and luxurious buildings. There is the chic, refined and grandiose Paris, and there is also the popular Paris; the one with street painters and local bars, where you feel like in a village.

Discover this other aspect of Paname in Montmartre. These days, this district is very touristic, but it still keeps a real soul that can be felt in every alley. At the very top of La Butte, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica proudly overlooks the city. From there, the view is breathtaking. Stop for a few minutes to enjoy the panorama! Paris is also the city of culture, with its countless museums, exhibitions, concerts, theatre plays… there is something for everyone.

The town is also at the heart of the country’s economy, with La Défense, its business district, famous for its modernist ark. There is a lot to discover in Paris! Fly to this city full of History, whose elegance and authenticity make it looks like a movie set.

  • COUNTRY: France
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • LANGUAGE: French
  • FLIGHT TIME: 7h10

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