Nairobi (Kenya)

A land of contrasts

In southeastern Kenya, West Africa, Nairobi is a city of contrasts. To understand it, simply visit its national park where many savannah animals live in their natural habitat, with the city’s high buildings in the background. This cohabitation between wilderness and urbanization, luxury hotels and makeshift housing, gives to the Kenyan capital an extraordinary power of attraction.

Here, people speak Swahili, the national language, but above all English, the official one. Thanks to the use of English, trade has been facilitated and Nairobi has opened up to the business world. Many Africans and expatriates come to try their luck. It is the city of all possibilities where people dream big. The dynamism of the town is a source of hope for the entire population. Discover local crafts at the Masai market! This place, whose location changes every day, gather all the African know-how.

In a joyful and colourful setting, you will find all kinds of fabrics, carved wooden figurines, jewellery, carpets and other decorative objects. To see the city from way up high, climb to the top of the Kenyatta International Conference Center, this 105-metre building offers the most beautiful view. In terms of heritage, All Saints Cathedral and Jamia Mosque compete in beauty. Beyond its capital, Kenya is the land of savannah.

Take advantage of your stay to go on a safari! The Masai Mara National Reserve is the ideal place. Less than 300 kilometres from Nairobi, the park is famous for its large herds of game, lions, leopards and cheetahs. You can even observe elephants and the great annual migration of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles. From its capital to its savannah and its huge tea plantations, Kenya will offer you a wonderful spectacle.

  • COUNTRY: Kenya
  • CURRENCY: Kenyan shilling
  • LANGUAGE: English and Swahili
  • FLIGHT TIME: 4h20

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