Lomé (Togo)

Lomé, the beauty

Located in the south-east of Togo, Lomé extends along the coast. This big city of West Africa has developed very quickly but has kept its humanity. You will be amazed by the mix of cultures, between African traditions and Westernization. Lomé is a lively, dynamic and friendly city. It is the country’s economic hub with its business centres and institutions. Its autonomous deep-water port drains 15 million tonnes of goods per year! It is the centre of a vast distribution network in Africa and around the world.

After conquering the sea, Lomé bank on the sky. Its brand-new airport aims at the development of its international trade. Congo’s capital is a metropolis that is growing fast, a strategic place to develop your business. It is also a place where it’s good to live. The fine sandy beach lined with palm trees is famous in Lomé. It extends along the entire coastline and is the perfect place for relaxing, swimming, playing or sunbathing.

In addition to its ultra-modern buildings, its wide avenues and public squares, Lomé remains a destination with a lot of traditions. Go to the fetish market, you will discover voodoo rituals. In the local beliefs, fetishes would have the power to protect people from bad fate. On the stalls, medicines of white magic: bird feathers, animal skulls, animal skins… This introduction to the world of witchcraft will be very exotic.

More traditional, the large market of Lomé offers a huge diversity of products. It continues with the art market, famous for its wooden statuettes and masks, engravings and artisanal weavings. The city has been marked by its colonial past. Discover a part of History in the cathedral Sacré Cœur with its German neo-Gothic style, or the Wharf, the first city’s port. Embark on a multifaceted journey in a country renowned for its hospitality!

  • COUNTRY: Togo
  • LANGUAGE: French
  • FLIGHT TIME: 1h50

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