Lagos (Nigeria)

Welcome to the Manhattan of Africa

In southern Nigeria, Lagos is a fast growing megalopolis. Its port is so busy that it is planned to build a new one in deep water, a major project commensurate with the dynamism of the city. Lagos, former fishing port, is on the way to become the “Manhattan of Africa”. Here, business is flourishing and many expatriates come to try their luck. Take off on a business trip! New neighbourhoods have emerged, mainly on Victoria and Banana Island, gateway to the fancy district of Ikoyi.

Connecting the islands, the Third Mainland bridge extends over 10 kilometres. It marks the border between a neglected area and a new business Eldorado, flanked by skyscrapers, luxurious villas and an ultra-secure atmosphere. Visiting Lagos means discovering a city full of contrasts, nourished by a deep desire to become one of the world’s largest megacities. On site, beautiful beaches like Takwa Bay or Elegushi Beach are waiting for you.

The first one, located on an island, has an easy access by boat and is a delight for surfers. The second one is a private beach, very popular for its expanse of white sand and its entertainment area. A perfect place to relax after a working day or a full morning of visits, isn’t it? Get a grasp of the country’s history in the National Museum of Nigeria; there, you will discover a beautiful collection of art objects.

Don’t miss the Freedom Park! Located in a former prison, this park has become the largest cultural centre of the city. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre… many events are organized in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere. Lagos is a bustling city with a lot to do. It is also an opportunity to discover the volcanic landscapes, waterfalls and varied wildlife of Nigeria.

  • COUNTRY: Nigeria
  • CURRENCY: Naira
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FLIGHT TIME: 1h45

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