Franceville (Gabon)

An authentic nature with preserved fauna

Fly to the south-east of Gabon! This region, which has long been isolated, has developed considerably these last years and welcomes today travellers in search of nature and authenticity. The Lékédi park, with its 4,000 hectares of savannahs, forests and water pounds, offers a preserved fauna and flora. Meet chimpanzees and mandrills before discovering all the particularities of local plants and trees! The park of Leconi, further west, is home to fauna from Southern Africa: herds of oryx, zebras, bubalas and impalas live on the Batékés plateaus.

Don’t miss one of the most emblematic attraction in Gabon: Poubara vine bridge. This suspension bridge over the Ogoué River will offer you a moment of adventure. Take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the waterfalls! Another marvel of the region, the red canyon, offers an exceptional panorama.

Imagine two canyons side by side, separated by a thin strip of land with the caiman lake in the distance. Although it was once the territory of many alligatorids, the species is now rare. The main city of this beautiful part of Africa is Franceville. The place gathers many students from all over Africa, thanks to its University of Science and Technology.

Go to the market to feel the lively atmosphere of the city, you will discover handicrafts such as wooden statuettes, basketry or jewellery. Do not leave the region until you have tasted the local delicacy called Nkumu. The leaves of this small liana are an important source of protein for Gabonese people, they are cooked with fish and vegetables in a salted broth. Go on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Haut-Ogooué, a land of varied landscapes and rare animals.

  • COUNTRY: Gabon
  • LANGUAGE: French

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