Addis-Abeba (Ethiopia)

Discovering the cradle of humanity

Crossed by the Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia is characterized by its fabulous landscapes full of waterfalls, lakes, gorges and volcanoes as well as its authentic culture. Discover all the beauties of this East African country by visiting the most breathtaking places. To the North, Simien National Park is a pearl of nature with steep cliffs and valleys, a 4,550-metre peak and an exceptional biodiversity. To the East, the fortified city of Harar invites you to explore its tiny and colourful streets and discover its unique heritage.

This sacred city, classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, has no less than 82 mosques: a treasure of history and architecture. In the far South, Mago National Park offers a varied panorama of green mountains, savannah plains and arid deserts. In this preserved space still lives an indigenous tribe: The Mursis. They share the territory with many mammals such as giraffes, hippopotamus, crocodiles and elephants.

To the West, visit one of the most famous attractions in the country, the Blue Nile Falls. Imagine 45-metre waterfall lost in a lush nature… As you see, there are treasures all over Ethiopia. The easiest way to start your stay would be to land in the heart of the country. Addis-Abeba, the capital, is the ideal place to start your visits. Nestled on a high plateau more than 2,300 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest capitals in the world.

Addis-Abeba is huge, joyful and bubbly. It is both the economic and cultural heart of the country, a place where modern buildings coexist with traditional houses. Let’s start the visits in the Ethiopian National Museum! There, you will find the skeleton of Lucy, the oldest hominid ever discovered. Mingle with the local population in the alleys of the Merkato, the largest open-air market, and enjoy the national dish called Injera, a teff flour pancake with meat and vegetables cooked in sauce. Finally, don’t leave Ethiopia without tasting a cup of coffee, the black gold of the country.

  • COUNTRY: Ethiopia
  • CURRENCY: Birr
  • LANGUAGE: Amharic
  • FLIGHT TIME: 4h45

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