Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

The sweetest stay

On the edge of the Gulf of Guinea, Abidjan is a vibrant city articulated between a dynamic port area, an urbanized centre and 3,438 hectares of tropical forest. As the economic capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan has seen the skyscrapers grow, which proudly overlook the Ébrié lagoon. Here, the atmosphere is festive, that’s the reason why the city is called “the Manhattan of tropics”.

Settle down in a maquis, these typical restaurants where the population meets to discuss, laugh and above all, listen to Zouglou music and its joyful and colourful rhythms. Abidjan, also named Babi, is a cosmopolitan city full of joy. You will be surprised by the hospitality of its inhabitants who claim loud and clear that Abidjan is “the sweetest in the world”.

Let’s say that it’s a perfect place to visit. Just like Central Park is the lung of New York, Banco National Park oxygenates the heart of Abidjan. This dense and humid forest owes its name to the river that rises from it, and whose waters are considered as holy. As you head south, discover the popular district of Yopougon, stop in front of one of its many food shops to enjoy grilled meat, braised yams or Garba, a typical local street food made from manioc. Continue your way to Le Plateau and its business district before discovering Cocody’s trendy and luxurious residences.

Staying in Babi also means enjoying the beach. Along the lagoon, Vridi and Port-Bouët districts are the meeting places for Abidjan’s youth. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place, set up home on Boulay Island and enjoy a preserved nature with sites of great beauty such as the coconut grove or the mangrove forest. To find fine sandy beaches, go to Jacqueville in the east or to Assinie, in the west. Let’s enjoy sun, swimming and relaxation!

  • COUNTRY: Ivory Coast
  • LANGUAGE: French
  • FLIGHT TIME: 2h 30

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