The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) reminds the company NESSIKA PRIVATE JET GABON, owner of the Falcon 10 MSN 221 and Falcon 50 MSN 155 type aircraft, respectively bearing the registration marks TRCBO and TR-CH B of the Gabonese register of civil aircraft, that since 2016, its various notifications of suspension of Airworthiness Certificates of said aircraft have not followed any storage program known to it.

It therefore informs NESSIKA PRIVATE JET GABON and the other owners of aircraft registered in the Gabonese register, whose airworthiness has not been demonstrated, that in application of the requirements of RAG 5.1 relating to nationality marks and registration of aircraft, in particular in its provision 5.1 .13.17 c) 3, said aircraft will be subject to a deregistration procedure as part of the updating of the national registration register.

With this in mind, the ANAC gives them formal notice to provide it, within a week, from the date of publication of this press release, their plan to make the said aircraft airworthy, including the commitments made for their maintenance and management of the aircraft . continued airworthiness. Otherwise, and after this period, these aircraft will be deleted from the national registration register as provided for by the regulatory provisions in force.

Navigability Certificates


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